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Actor takes over 1,000 kids of honored soldiers to DisneyWorld, pays for them all

Many hero’s men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the greater good. These people that give their lives for our country deserve to be honored, it is our duty to help the families they’ve left behind to pick up pieces. One famous actor is doing just that!

Best known for playing a disabled war veteran in the classic, Academy Award-winning, Forrest Gump. Now, he helps families of fallen soldiers in real life! He treated over 1,000 children of fallen war veterans to Disneyland!

This famous actor takes over 1,000 kids to Disney World, covers the bill through his charity that helps hero’s and their families.Gary Sinise, who you probably know as Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, established the Gary Sinise Foundation. The foundation focuses on helping families of American heroes.

He doesn’t just help veterans, the foundation is in place to be there for first responders and defenders of our country.

In 2017, the foundation started the “snowball express” program, which focuses on taking kids of hero’s to Disney World.The Gary Sinise Foundation is there to support the families who are left to pick up the pieces when their loved one doesn’t return home, Sinise is very passionate about the subject.

“While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more,” said Sinise.

Through the Gary Sinise Foundation, over 1,750 kids got a free trip of a lifetime, a five-night stay at magical Disney World
The amazing foundation took the kids to Disney World for fun but did not forget why they were there, to honor and remember their family members who bravely sacrificed themselves.

It can be a lonely world for families of fallen veterans, that’s why Sinise is there to make sure they know they are loved, and that they’re not alone.

“The most important thing about [Snowball Express] is that these children don’t feel alone. There’s a lot of healing and a lot of bonding and a lot of friendship that goes on that helps them through the rest of the year.” Sinise told CBS Los Angeles

The foundation places a flag in remembrance of the fallen soldiers they’re there to honor
Every trip they take kids on, they make sure to have enough flags to put out to honor every single fallen soldier. This last trip to Disney World, there was a sea of 600 flags to honor the veterans, first responders, and their families.

It’s not every day you see a celebrity giving to this magnitude, the Gary Sinise Foundation does much more than the free trips
Along with taking kids of fallen veterans on trips of a lifetime, the foundation has also built 58 homes for severely wounded veterans, and served almost 200,000 meals to our nation’s defenders!

This is so inspirational, we need more celebrities to use their wealth to help those in need! To see the awesome foundation.

Actor takes over 1,000 kids of fallen soldiers to DisneyWorld, pays for them all.
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