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Cat Finds A Comfortable Home Just In Time So Her Kittens Don’t Have To Be Born Outside

The co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, received a call about a cat that was expecting kittens and needed assistance. The cat, called Wren, was greeted by the rescuers with wide arms, and she soon felt secure and at home.

The expectant mother felt at ease with her caregivers and softly laid on her side to let her enormous tummy full of babies to be massaged.

She was discovered by Hamilton Animal Services as a stray. She had several severe scrapes and an abscess beneath her chin, so she wasn’t in the finest of health. After receiving some antibiotics, she appeared to be doing much better.

Wren was finally able to feel secure in a cozy nest designed only for her and her young after spending so much time battling to live on the streets.

Rescuers reported:

She was extremely fat, and we believed she would give birth to her young soon.

A few days after moving into her new house, Wren suddenly went into labor. The kitty was relieved to have human assistance from her during the difficult childbirth procedure as she welcomed five little kittens into the world.

Wren blinked slowly at her foster mother while the babies, who were given the names Duck, Swift, Fisher, Sparrow, and Koel, enthusiastically fed on her tummy. She then spread her toes on the blanket in pleasure.

“We are relieved that she won’t have to experience childbirth again. It’s possible that not all of her children would have survived if she hadn’t been located and taken in. We were able to provide her a warm, secure environment to give birth since she arrived just in time.

Although Wren is a devoted mother who puts her children’s needs before her own, her rescuers are certain that she would prefer to be the center of attention if she weren’t required to carry out her motherly responsibilities.

Karly recalls:

“With the exception of a brief sip or trip to the restroom, he never took a break over the first two weeks. She allows herself a bit more room now that they’re moving about more.

The little kittens are always on the move as they try to leave the nest. Wren, on the other hand, is ecstatic to have some alone time once more while her kittens explore her house and sharpen her feline abilities.

Rescuer’s statement

She adores her children, but she also adores others. When she assists with the baby, she frequently sits on me while purring.


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