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Kittens wrap themselves around their trembling sister to keep her warm

Some people have a heart so big it’s amazing it doesn’t burst. That’s the kind of person Megan Sorbara is. She’s the president of Naples Cat Alliance, where she and the other members of the group help find good homes for stray and needy cats. Sorbara was on her way to get ice cream on a hot day when she got a call about some kittens. So of course she responded immediately.
The three tiny kittens were all huddled together, and Sorbara knew that something was wrong. It was. The white kitten, although cuddled up between her tabby siblings, was trembling and shivering.

After relocating the infant felines to their place, Sorbara et al. decided to take turns feeding the babies by bottle every two hours. They were so tiny, so young! Of course, finding their mom became a priority.

The team went back to where they’d found the kittens, but try though they might, momma cat was too savvy to be caught.

The tabbies continued to snuggle with their little sister, keeping her warm and comfortable. Sorbara named the trio Praline and Pistachio (the tabbies) and Coconut (the white kitten). Everybody loved the tiny kitties, even though little sister Coconut was struggling to survive.

Sorbara’s dog, Bitsy, took to Coconut right away, snuggling with her and tempting her to play. Bitsy seemed to know that the kitten needed to stretch, climb and move around. She was just what the doctor ordered!

Meanwhile, the hunt for the kittens’ mother went on. Finally, one night, they were successful — and the little ones were reunited with their momma.

“The moment we have all been waiting for: Coconut, Pistachio and Praline reunited with their mom Vanilla Bean,” said Sorbara. The heartwarming moment was worth all the lost sleep and anxiety over Coconut’s health.

With Vanilla Bean’s care, the kittens grew rapidly. Soon it was obvious to Sorbara that the kittens were ready to find “furever” homes.

And wonder of wonders, Sorbara was able to place the three siblings in a home together! Just look at how beautiful they are now. Without that initial call alerting Sorbara to their plight, they probably wouldn’t have lived. This is the kind of ending to a story we just love to tell.

What about you? Have you ever had to care for a baby animal? Feeding little furbabies is not only time consuming, it’s also very tiring. You really need to be committed for as long as it takes. Share this story with your friends. What would you have done in Sorbara’s place? Do you have a rescued pet? Tell us about it in the comments!

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