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Protective Bull Mastiff Brings His New Baby Brother A Toy Whenever He Starts To Cry

Dogs are what make a house feel like a home. They are important family members and there is no greater luck in life than being about to share your abode with a dog…or two! While dogs make great additions to families, sometimes there can be a little tricky adjustment period when bringing a new baby into the mix. There are so many strange new sights, sounds, and smells, so it’s only natural that some people might be a little hesitant when wondering how their pets are going to react to new babies.

But fortunately for one couple in California, their dog Brutus was more than happy to welcome a baby into the family.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

The Bullmastiff is a happy-go-lucky dog who was first rescued by the couple in 2016. The couple always saw Brutus as their very first baby. When Brutus’ owner, Bonnie Michalek, found out she was expecting, she had no doubts in her mind that Brutus would adjust to the change.

Bonnie knows exactly how wonderful and affectionate Brutus is, so she had no doubts that he would take to the new baby right away.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

As she explained to The Dodo, “He’s always loved kids. Every time he’s heard kids outside laughing, he gets excited.”

In fact, Bonnie believes that Brutus is so in tune with children that he knew she was pregnant before she even knew it.

“Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did – he definitely sensed it before I knew. On the nights my husband was working Brutus refused to be in his crate,” she explained.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

Bonnie went on to explain that she thought it was just that he wasn’t comfortable – so she tried to rearrange it for him so he’d have more space. However, that made no difference. Brutus only wanted to be beside her. in retrospect, Bonnie believed it’s because Brutus could already sense her pregnancy.

In order to make the transition easier on Brutus, the couple made sure to include him in preparations. As they readied the home, Brutus was right there. However, when the time came for baby Kayden to arrive, Brutus had to go spend some time with his grandparents. When they brought Brutus home, Bonnie made sure to spend some alone time with him before introducing him to the baby.

When it came time to finally make the introductions, it was an adorable moment.

As Bonnie recalled, “Brutus completely bypassed my husband to meet Kayden. He immediately wanted to give him kisses and snuggle up to him.”

The bond between Brutus and Kayden was instantaneous and unshakeable.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

In fact, whenever Kayden got fussy or cried, Brutus instantly appeared – more than happy to provide some soothing comfort.

But the most surprising thing was just how Brutus would go about cheering up Kayden. The first thing that Brutus would do in order to calm Kayden when upset, was to bring him his own favorite toy: a large, fluffy, yellow ball.

“He grabs his favorite toy to bring it to Kayden to console him!” Bonnie shared.

And the gesture is a very kind one – the fluffy ball he gave to Kayden is the same exact one that he has babied since he was a young puppy.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

While he has shredded every other toy he’s owned, this ball is special. It is his go-to toy for comfort, so it’s only natural that he would give it to Kayden.

Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

While Kayden is no longer a newborn, he and Brutus still as tight as ever. Kayden is certainly lucky to have such a caring older brother. There really is no pet better than a dog.

Watch the precious video below:

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