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‘The best companions’ – Four sisters in their 90s care for their elderly sister giving her a ‘reason to be alive’

When four sisters in their 90s was told their fifth sister had only been given a week to live, they didn’t hesitate to get on a plane and help her.

Four months later the 97-year-old is still alive and her sisters make sure she looks pretty every day and know how loved she is.

She got her wish to stay in her home until the end and has a reason to go on surrounded by the unconditional love of her sisters.

Nicole Hauff has shared the experience of her grandmother and the special bond she shares with her sisters.

Love What Matters
“When my grandma and her four sisters walked into a room, they caught people’s attention. Five women in their nineties, cute as can be with a love that cannot be denied,” she said, as per Love What Matters.

“These sisters are in the longest relationship of their lives, longer than their time with their parents and longer than their time married to their spouses.”

Nicole said the love these sisters share inspire her commitment to her own four sisters.

“My Grandma and her sisters have influenced my sisters and I to love unconditionally. We call them the Grandmas and they continue to teach us how to love well,” she said.

‘Sisters have a special bond’
“Sisters share more things with each other than anyone else; we share parents, bedrooms, friends, secrets and family genes. Sisters have a special bond and the gift you receive being and having a sister lasts a lifetime.”

She has also made a commitment to her own sisters based on the ‘Grandmas’ love and care they have for each other.’

“When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end.”

She said her grandma’s spouse died 20 years ago and she believes the “affection of her sisters gave her a reason to be alive and active.”

She added: “When you feel loved and wanted, you have a reason to live. These sweet sisters are the best companions; they often went to the gym together, to church and to the store. A daily phone call and an outing to the local Mexican Restaurant keeps them connected.”

Love What Matters
I love the bond these five share, it gives them all a reason to go on and enjoy life to the full ensuring that they each feel special and loved.

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