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The Lemonade That Cures Everything From Body Aches To Excess Weight

Our body consists of 60% water, so we need to drink a lot of water in order to strengthen blood circulation and support all the processes that occur in the system.

However, if you add flavor to the water, you get a delicious natural drink that will keep the body hydrated and improve health in many ways. Pineapple water is one of the most powerful natural drinks that accelerate weight loss, fight inflammation in the body and relieve joint pain.

Pineapples have powerful anti-inflammatory effects due to the presence of bromelain, an enzyme that speeds up the healing process and relieves pain. The high content of bromelain and iodine will prevent various autoimmune disorders and relieve thyroid disorders. They are rich in fiber, so their consumption creates a feeling of satiety and prevents the desire to consume sugary and fatty foods.

In addition, these fruits are rich in potassium, which strengthens the body, and maintains a healthy balance of electrolytes.

Pineapple juice fights colon inflammation and relieves asthma symptoms. If you also add fennel seeds to the drink, you will also enrich the flavor and calm the digestive system.

Here’s how to prepare this drink:


½ cup of pineapple.

1 tablespoon of fennel seeds.

8 cups of hot water.


Add the pineapple chunks to a pot of hot water. Allow the drink to cool to room temperature and then add the fennel seeds. Let it stay overnight, and in the morning you can start drinking it.

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