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Woman celebrating 100th birthday remembers having horse and buggy for transportation

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV/Gray News) – Marianne Tormey turned 100 years old on Thursday and her family said they wanted to share her story with the community.

KPTV reports Tormey has spent 71 years of her life in Oregon after she was born in Minnesota.

Tormey has five sisters and four brothers. The family lived on a self-sustaining farm. She only spoke German until attending first grade and later convinced her parents to let her attend high school.

Tormey was the only one from her family to attend high school at that time. She walked over a mile on school days and lived with her sister for two years to finish school. She graduated with her class of 30 in 1940.

According to the family, the farmhouse didn’t have any bathrooms, just an outhouse nearby. They survived the cold Minnesota winters and the Great Depression.

The woman’s family said they would hold dances at the farmhouse with Tormey’s father calling the square dances.

Tormey said her family owned a horse and buggy, which they would use to visit family in the area. Her first car was a Model T with canvas curtains instead of windows. There was no gas pedal on the floorboard, just a lever next to the steering wheel.

Tormey moved to Oregon in 1951. She got married and is the mother to four daughters. She worked as an independent house cleaner for lifelong clients in Portland. The 100-year-old also served as a volunteer driver for the Meals on Wheels program.

According to the family, Tormey’s mind is still sharp as she celebrates turning 100 years old. She loves gardening, reading, crossword puzzles and card games. Tormey also enjoys spending time with family which now includes grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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