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Grandpa Gently Brushes Hair for Wife of 60 Years with Dementia, Showing True Love Beats All Diseases

A couple who have been married for 60 years and suffer from different forms of dementia still show love and care to each other daily. Their love story and actions have acted as a testament to the power of love.

Love is beautiful; as most will argue, it is perhaps the most wonderful feeling in the world. Yet, ironically it is the only thing we never get enough of and the only thing we never give enough of.

Although it is always good to see people showing love to one another, there is this extra feeling of joy when you see older couples who still seem to be in love, like two youths whose romance is just starting.

This is even more intriguing when you consider how they have been able to keep the spark going for years. Still, an Instagram user left us emotional and with melting hearts when she posted a video of her parents caring for each other. Here’s what she posted.


On June 17, 2022, Instagram user Sarah Kennedy Norquoy took to her page to share a passionate video that left thousands of people with teary eyes and smiles. Sarah, whose Instagram bio revealed is an author, captioned the video she shared with:

“I caught this touching moment between my parents today. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.”

The video she shared showed two elderly lovebirds in a room. The woman sat on a couch holding a newspaper while the man stood before her.

The man took out combs from his pocket and gently combed the woman’s hair. At a point, the woman thought he was done and said her thanks.

“I haven’t finished yet,” the man replied. He continued combing her hair and, when he was done, gently planted a kiss on her forehead as the video ended.


Sarah added several hashtags, including #dementia and #alzheimers, to her caption to indicate her parents’ health as they cared for each other in the video. This information made the video clip even more unique, considering the couple still makes time for each other despite their health issues.

According to CBS, the couple has been together for 60 years, and both suffer from different types of dementia. They are also parents to three kids.

A closer look at Sarah’s Instagram page uncovered additional pictures and videos of the couple looking and acting so in love. In a particular video, the man could be seen standing by the living room window waving his wife off as she left on a bus.

Another video showed the man kissing her head as she sat on a chair watching a tennis game. Several other pictures showed Sarah and her mother in a car taking photos and at other times in the house while they both donned love-shaped pink sunglasses.

In one of the pictures where Sarah stood with her mother, she narrated how the latter was diagnosed with dementia and the rollercoaster of emotions she has experienced since then.

Sarah noted that the family had reached a place of acceptance and are navigating daily changes as they come, hoping for the best and most peaceful outcome.

Another picture on the page showed the couple while they were still young, spending time with a couple of friends. Sarah captioned the photo, detailing how she loved the smile on her parents’ faces and their outfits.

After Sarah shared the clip of her dad brushing his wife’s hair on Instagram, the post garnered a lot of comments from people who were fascinated by how affectionate her parents are toward each other. Some of the comments are shared below.

Instagram user passion.68 wrote, “Bless you both, that’s true love that you won’t see nowadays or ever, to be honest.” ❤️❤️ Kmtndew noted, “That is so sweet!! Thank you for sharing!!! Tell them both that I said God bless them both!!!!”

Loretta Sicilia wrote, “I’m lucky I have a husband when I got sick,[who] would do that for me. He’s still basically does other things for me that I can no longer do. I’m very blessed (sic).” Meanwhile, Lindy Fessler remarked, “True love for sure! May God bless them both and take care of them always.”

Posts like this serve as good reminders of the power of love in our society and the strength shown by this couple. Despite their years together and battling health issues, they still live in love each day.

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