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People are putting ranch packets into jars of pickles for a delicious ‘tart and tangy’ snack

This is the only way I eat pickles anymore.
We all have our favorite dishes. And when it comes to food, everyone has their own take on what is delicious and what is not.

In our search for new and incredible food combinations, we tend to be quite adventurous by trying out new combos or new ways to enjoy the usual food we eat.

One venue that has tons of new discoveries in food and cooking is TikTok.
The video-sharing social media platform has millions of videos and this including food hacks and viral must-try combinations. If you are new to cooking and would like to try out new recipes that are simple enough to make, then TikTok is definitely a great source of information for you.

@abimhn cloud bread!!! dope recipe from @linqanaaa #cloudbread #MyBFF #foryou #fyp #bakingrecipe #homemade #homechef #clouds #avatar #cake #meringue ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

There have been various viral recipes that have taken the world by storm and one of these is the so-called cloud bread. With only corn starch, egg whites, and sugar, this soft snack is already made for everyone to enjoy.

The number of viral recipes from TikTok only proves that it can be a good way for beginners to learn and for food enthusiasts to find their next adventure.

@cookingwithayeh Revolutionary Lunch Wrap! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foodtiktok #wrap #lunch ♬ Taste It – Ikson

Have you also checked out the trending hack for eating tortillas? There is no need to roll this snack because TikTokers have tried folding it and they loved it!

Now, here is another revolutionary snack that would definitely make your mouth water. It involves a comfort food that we all probably love to munch on. I’m talking about pickles!

Did you know that ranch seasoning goes well with pickles?
Wait, what? You might be thinking you misread that part but nope, you did not. Yes, the pickles and ranch seasoning combo is the newest trending food must-try on TikTok!

This food trend involves pouring a packet of dry ranch seasoning into a jar of yummy pickles. It may look or sound ridiculous, but tons of people are saying it is quite tasty.

The ranch pickles are making such a huge wave online, not only on TikTok.
After pouring the pack of dry ranch seasoning into the jar, cover it again and shake it until the seasoning mixes with the juice inside the jar. Sounds too weird for your taste buds?

Wait until you try it before judging this combination. It may look like a soup, but online food enthusiasts who have tried it out are claiming that it is actually a good combo.

Foodies online are crazy about this new trend.
Some foodies went one step further and tried pouring the spicy version and according to them, this combo also taste delish!

This may seem too extreme, but what’s the harm in trying this one out, right? Pickles and ranch seasoning taste good separately, so they could taste good together.


If you are adventurous and would like to try this one out, no one is stopping you here. So, grab that jar of pickles and get that pack of ranch dressing and let us know how it tastes. Enjoy!

Check out the video below!
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